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How would you like to let go of your anxiety and live the calm, happy life you want with virtually no effort?

When I say virtually no effort, I really mean it. All you need to do is sit in a comfortable chair for an hour each week while I talk to your subconscious mind. That’s it!

There’s no need to spend hours talking about your life, no homework or CBT exercises. In fact most of my clients find the hour they spend with me is the most relaxed they get to feel all week.

Mark Cousens Hypnotherapist

“But I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember, surely you can’t remove that in just 4 weeks?”

I’ve helped people who have been suffering from anxiety for the last few months, and I’ve helped people who have had anxiety most of their life. Regardless of how long you have been suffering anxiety, I can help you let go of it in an average of four weeks.

The only question is how much longer do you to want to hold on to anxiety?

How do I do this?

I have many techniques that I use to release your anxiety, but the process can be broken down into

3 simple steps: 


Using guided visualisation and metaphors I help your subconscious mind let go of anything it has been holding on to that is causing your anxiety.

This is a gentle and relaxing process, you can let go of all the negative stuff without having to think about or talk about it.


Using hypnosis I can talk directly to your subconscious mind. Then I can give it suggestions that help it understand the anxiety is unhelpful & unnecessary.

I get your subconscious mind to replace the anxiety it has been creating with something more positive.


,We use your powerful imagination to visualise situations that previously caused anxiety, but remaining calm and having a positive outcome.

Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between real and imagined so this is a great convincer to stop anxiety.

This is a tried and tested process that I have used to help many clients overcome their anxiety.

But don’t take my word for it, have a look at the results I have got for some of my clients:

Client review anxiety

When I first met this lady she was experiencing massive anxiety due to a difficult situation at home that had been going for three years.

The situation was causing her stress and anxiety and she was finding it difficult to cope. In fact whenever she received a notification of an email or text message she would go into panic mode. She was also experiencing a constant rumbling sensation in her tummy which left her feeling very uncomfortable.

We had four sessions and everything has changed!

She is still going through that difficult situation, but the anxiety and stress have gone. She can read her emails and messages and remain calm, and even the rumbling has stopped.

Jodie had experienced anxiety and depression for many years. She had tried  all the treatments that her GP could offer, including counselling and medication. They had some effect but didn’t properly resolve anything.

The anxiety was stopping her from doing the things she wanted to do. She couldn’t even go out on her own.

We had four sessions together, and now she feels better than she has for a long time.

Not only can she go out without her husband, but she has her life back!

Who am I and why should you choose me?

I’m Mark Cousens. I’ve been practising hypnotherapy in Folkestone for the past 4 years. I mainly work with anxiety, stress and depression, but I can also help with many other things.

I understand how you feel, and not just because I have helped many people that felt just like you.

A few years ago I developed severe anxiety over heights. I have no idea where it came from, but it had a massive impact on my life. I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do. I loved cycling around country lanes, but just the thought of cycling down steep hills drove my anxiety so much that I had to stop. Anxiety has an amazing ability to make you avoid doing things!

Eventually I decided I had to do something. I didn’t want to take medication, and the thought of counselling didn’t appeal, so I arranged to see a local hypnotherapist.

After 4 sessions my anxiety had gone completely, I felt amazing! Not only was I able to cycle down hills, since then I have done the skywalk over the Grand Canyon, and been on the longest, highest zipwire in Europe. Things that would previously have made me feel sick.

I also understand that people don’t necessarily talk about the things that have caused their anxiety. The way I work I don’t need to know what’s gone on in your life to release the anxiety. We don’t have to revisit and relive traumatic or stressful events to let them go.

I make sure that your sessions are gentle, relaxing and enjoyable.

What’s the next step?

If this sounds good, and you’re ready to let go of your anxiety, all you need to do is call/message me on

07454 281218

or complete the form below and I’ll get back to you to arrange a free phone consultation.

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