What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a constant and irrational fear that something bad is going to happen. Symptoms can include a feeling of dread, having negative thoughts (‘what if this happens’), shortness of breath, dizziness, and a racing heart.  It can often result in people having to avoid do things that might trigger these symptoms. There are many different types of anxiety, but probably the most common  are related to health, social situations and general anxiety. 

These negative thoughts and feelings are created by your subconscious mind in order to keep you safe and happy. After all that is it’s main job! Though it is working with the best intentions, unfortunately your subconscious mind has got it wrong. The result is that it is constantly battling with your conscious mind, instead of working with it.

So what is it that caused your subconscious mind to create the anxiety in the first place? Sometimes it can be pinpointed to a specific event or traumatic experience, or it may be learned behaviour from an anxious parent. However in many cases there is no obvious reason. Whether you are consciously aware of the reason for your anxiety or not, your subconscious mind always knows!

How I Can Help You Beat Anxiety

Because your anxiety is created by your subconscious mind, this where the change needs to happen. Hypnosis gives me the ability to talk to it directly. I can then help it understand that the anxiety it is creating is not helpful. That it’s taking over your life and stopping you from doing the things that you want or need to do.

A big part of the process involves using guided visualisation. This helps your subconscious mind let go of the things, real or imagined, that cause it to be on constant high alert. Which in turn fill your mind with worry and dread about even the simplest of things.

Another important element of the process is practising events that previously triggered your anxiety but with a positive outcome. This is important because it shows your subconscious mind that the negative thoughts and feelings are unnecessary. Other elements include building your self confidence and self esteem, and, of course, helping you relax!

Often the people I have helped came to me with the assumption that their anxiety was for life. This is really not the case, we weren’t born with anxiety and we don’t have to live with it.

The vast majority of my clients have experienced massive changes in how they think and feel in just 4 weeks. Of course I can’t absolutely guarantee that you will have that same experience, after all we are all unique individuals with our own history, thoughts and feelings, but nobody is born with anxiety, and therefore it can be removed.

Here's a quick NLP technique to reduce your anxiety

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