What Is Chronic Pain?

Pain is a signal created by your brain to let you know of a problem, either internally or externally. For instance if you cut your finger, sensory receptors in your finger send a signal, via nerve fibres to your spinal chord, and then onto the brainstem and finally to the brain. The brain will register these signals and then send pain signals back to the affected area (in this case your finger) and then you will feel the pain.

Chronic, or persistent pain is pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks despite medication or treatment. Most people get back to normal after pain following an injury or operation. But sometimes the pain carries on for longer or comes on without any apparent reason, for instance emotional pain can manifest itself physically.

How I Can Help You Stop Your Chronic Pain

We know that the pain signal is created by the brain, and it does this to alert you to the problem so that you can get something done about it, and in the meantime not make it worse. But when the problem has been treated and the pain persists, there is nothing further that can medically or surgically be done (for instance arthritis) or there is no physical reason for the pain, then the pain signal your brain is sending is not serving any useful purpose. This is where I can help you using the OldPain2Go® methodology!

OldPain2Go© is a methodology of talking to the subconscious mind, without hypnosis, with the aim of getting to the subconscious mind to agree to turn the pain signal off on the basis that it is no longer necessary. For most people it will turn off the pain signal completely, but in some cases it will reduce the pain signal so that you are still alerted to the problem but without the severe levels of pain. A very small minority will have no reduction in pain, but this is usually because there is something to be gained from having the pain.

Sounds crazy right? Well that’s ok, you don’t need to believe that it will work, you just need to want to be free of pain. If your subconscious mind knows you don’t what that unnecessary pain, then it will do what it can to help you.

Please note that before you can be considered for OldPain2Go© you must have a diagnosis from GP and either there is nothing more than can be done or the cause of the pain cannot be found.

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