Covid-19 Safety Precautions

As you probably know there was a government announcement this week the government announcement this week (24th June), laying out which businesses could open from the 4th July. 


It was made clear that hands-on therapies, such as massage, and holistic and well-being centres have to remain closed for the time being, but there was no mention of talking therapies. 


However, I have checked with both the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and my Liability Insurance provider, and I am really pleased to announce that as a talking therapist, from the 4th July I will be able to start seeing clients face to face again!

Obviously your safety (and mine!) is the highest priority for both Core Therapies and myself, so in line with the guidance there are several procedures that we need to follow to keep you safe:


Prior to appointment:


24 hours prior to your appointment I will send an email asking if you, or anyone you, or anyone you are in close contact with, is showing symptoms of Coronavirus. I will also repeat the measures that I am taking to keep you safe. 


You will need to reply to the email as confirmation that you, or anyone you’re in close contact with, do not have symptoms. Your reply will also be taken as a signed agreement that you understand the safety measures in place and that you are happy to proceed.

If you, or anyone you are in close contact with, are showing symptoms then we will reschedule.


On the day of your appointment:


Each morning, before I leave home I will be taking my temperature and the temperature of my family. If I, or any of my family, have a temperature of over 37.8 degrees or showing any other symptoms of Coronavirus, I will contact you to reschedule our appointment.


If on the day of your appointment you, or anyone you’re in close contact with, start to show symptoms, please stay at home. You can send me a text or give me a call to let me know you can’t make it, and the appointment will be rescheduled. In this instance the usual late cancellation policy will not apply and you will not be charged


Building sanitisation:


All areas that you are likely to come into contact with will be cleaned with anti-bacterial spray and/or wipes. This includes door handles, bannisters, toilets, chairs and recliners. This will be done at the beginning and end of every day and in between each client



Core Therapies is operating a closed door policy to ensure that clients and therapists can avoid coming into contact with each other. please arrive on time for your appointment, if you arrive early you will have to wait outside until your appointment time.


Before I let you in, I will need to take your temperature with a no-contact infrared thermometer. If your temperature is over 38 degrees then I’m afraid I will have to ask you to return home and call 111 for advice. When you enter the clinic you will be required to use the hand sanitizer provided.

In line with Core Therapies policy, you will need to wear a mask in the public areas of the building, but once inside the therapy room you can remove this if you prefer.


During the session:


My practice room has been reorganised to ensure that we can stay 2 metres apart (head to head). As per government guidelines, as we will be more than 2 metres apart then I will NOT be wearing a face mask. This is because in my view wearing a face mask would affect the clarity of my voice and degrade your experience. You are welcome to wear a mask if it makes you feel more comfortable.


There will be hand sanitiser available for you


I am unable to open the window for ventilation during the session because of street noise, but the treatment room will be ventilated during the extended 30 minute gap that I have put in place in between treatments.

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