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Lose Weight And Keep It Off

When you think about the word diet, what does it mean to you? There’s a good chance that it means either punishing yourself by depriving yourself of food you enjoy, or it means a short period of restricting what you eat until you reach your goal….or both!

These are the two things that most people think about when they think about going on a diet, and the main reasons why people tend to yo-yo with their weight.

If you punish yourself by depriving yourself of things you enjoy eating, or replace them with shakes, powders etc. then you probably won’t last very long and you most likely won’t achieve your goal.

But if you do reach your goal, what happens then? There is a high chance that you’ll go back to the way you were eating, and the weight will go back on much quicker than you were able to lose it!

Without doubt the best and most lasting way to lose weight is not to go on a diet, but to make permanent changes to your lifestyle. Hypnotherapy can help with this by :

utilising your motivations
helping your subconscious mind understand the need for a healthy diet

remove your need for comfort eating
remove your negative body images
improve your self-esteem
changing your relationship with food

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