How would you like to lose weight and reach your ideal body shape with virtually no effort?

When I say virtually no effort, I really mean it. All you need to do is sit in a comfortable chair for an hour each week while I talk to your subconscious mind. That’s it!

No need for punishing diets or hours in the gym. In fact most of my clients find the hour they spend with me is the most relaxed they get to feel all week.

Mark Cousens Hypnotherapist

“But I’ve tried all the diets and nothing has worked, why would hypnosis be any different?” 

The problem with diets is that you change the way you eat until you reach your goal. Then you go back to eating the way you used to and the weight piles back on again. Plus you’re relying on willpower, and that rarely holds, especially when you’re on a diet you’re not enjoying!

With hypnosis we work with your subconscious mind to make permanent change to your relationship with food. Because this change happens at a subconscious level, willpower doesn’t come into it, you just don’t feel the compulsion for bad food.

When you reach your ideal weight you’ll just continue with the healthier eating because that has become you’re new way of life.

How do I do this?

I have many techniques that I use to help you change the way you eat, but the process can be broken down into

3 simple steps: 


Using guided visualisation and metaphors I help your subconscious mind let go of anything it has been holding on. The things that are driving your unhealthy eating, like the need for comfort.

This is a gentle and relaxing process. You can let go of all the negative stuff without having to think about or talk about it.


We identify the problems that you have, such as snacking on unhealthy foods, not having a balanced diet or eating too many takeaways.

Using hypnosis I talk directly to your subconscious mind. I help it understand the way you’ve been eating is unhealthy and needs to change.


I help your subconscious mind to permanently change those old unhealthy ways of eating to new healthier ways. These new ways are firmly embedded so they become your new way of life.

I reinforce this new way of life by having your subconscious mind imagine a future happier, healthier version of you.

Who am I and why should you choose me?

I’m Mark Cousens. I’ve been practising hypnotherapy in Folkestone for the past 4 years. I work with your subconscious mind to help it deliver the change you want.

I believe that the problem lies in your subconscious mind. After all, you have made a conscious decision to lose weight, that’s why you’re reading this.

In order to do that you need to change the way you eat. Your subconscious mind has been driving that habit of unhealthy eating, and though you consciously want to change, your subconscious mind is fighting to keep that habit going.

By working with your subconscious mind I can help it understand that it needs to let go of that old, unwanted, unhealthy habit.

What’s the next step?

If this sounds good, and you’re ready to lose weight, all you need to do is call/message me on

07454 281218

or complete the form below and I’ll get back to you to arrange a free phone consultation.

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