If you have a phobia that you need to conquer, you’ll know that It’s far more serious than just being afraid. In fact phobias are actually anxiety disorders. As with anxiety, symptoms can include an unbearable sense of dread, feeling sick to the stomach, shaking, your heart beat racing and even dizziness. However in extreme cases in can trigger a full blown panic attack. 

Having experienced acrophobia (a fear of heights) myself a few years I can safely say I know how you feel! Just the thought of being somewhere high up made my legs turn to jelly and made me feel physical sick.

The worst thing about phobias is that they can often stop you from doing things you really want to do. For instance flying to a foreign country or being in a confined space, like an escape room. Often it’s not just you that misses out on things either. I have had many clients whose children have missed out on adventurous things because my client has been too scared.

How I Can Help You Conquer Your Phobia

The thing is we know that hypnotherapy works exceptionally well for anxiety, so it should be no surprise that it’s extremely effective for phobias too. In fact it was hypnotherapy that helped me overcome my fear of heights! The difference is that where overcoming general anxiety can take a few sessions, in most cases a phobia can removed permanently in just one session. This is because a phobia, no matter how deep rooted, is very specific.

The hypnosis session concentrates on two things. Firstly separating the emotional from the thing you’re afraid of, and secondly by having you practice facing that thing in your imagination. If this sounds scary, rest assured that because this is done in hypnosis, you will feel none of the fear that morally would. Practicing in your mind works because your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between something real and imagined. So by imagining facing your fears and having a positive outcome, your subconscious mind is sent a very clear message that there is nothing to be afraid of.

There are a vast number of phobias but some of the most common ones include:

Arachnophobia (spiders)
Acrophobia (flying)
Acrophobia (heights)
Trypanophobia (needles)
Agoraphobia (open spaces)
Claustrophobia (enclosed spaces)
Mysophobia (germs)

Whatever phobia you have, don’t feel it’s something you have to live with!

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