If you’ve never experienced hypnotherapy before then you’re probably wondering what to expect. Even if you have previously had hypnotherapy with a different therapist, hypnotherapists have different personalities and styles of working. The experience with one hypnotherapist will most likely be quite different with another.

Bearing this in mind I thought i’d try and give you an idea of what you can expect when you choose to work with me!

Free Consultation:
We may have similar things we want to change, but we are all individuals and our motivations for change, and the techniques and methods that resonate with us, are just as diverse. With this in mind, before you book a session I offer a free consultation. This gives me the chance to find out about you, your motivations for change and the things you like and don’t like. These things help me build a picture of you and your life and help me create a highly personalised session for you, making your experience so much more relaxing, enjoyable and powerful. The free consultation also gives you the chance to meet me, so you can decide if I am the right therapist for you. I may not be, and that is quite alright. If you feel this way please let me know as I have other colleagues whose therapeutic style might be more suited to you.The consultation will last for up to half an hour is done by phone.
Each session lasts for an hour and usually involves 40-45 minutes of hypnosis. Before we jump into the hypnosis, if appropriate, I will ask you to look at a chart to rate how much the issue is troubling you. I will also do this after the session to make sure that the rating has reduced to a level that you find acceptable. The hypnosis starts with me guiding you into a trance state, this is a very relaxing process that sometimes involves some visualisation and imagery. Once we have achieved a deep level of trance I’ll then start talking you through a variety of techniques to make the required changes, all the time making it as personal to you as possible. I generally don’t ask you to talk back to me during the hypnosis. Feedback is required so that I know you are following my suggestions and guidance, but most of the time this can be achieved by you lifting a finger or making some other physical signal. All my clients have found the sessions not only effective but also very relaxing!
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