Client Case Study: Anxiety

For today’s post I’d like to talk you through a recent client’s journey with me, from extreme anxiety and panic attacks, to feeling calm and happy.

(Posted with permission from my client, name and some minor details have been changed to preserve confidentiality)


Jane is 32 years old, married and has a one child. She quit work as registered nurse 5 years ago when her child was born, but was hoping to go back to work soon. She used to be confident and happy, but after recently moving house, that all changed. She felt she has made a big mistake, previously she was living in a quiet area, but the new house is on a busy road and the noise of the traffic startled her and left her feeling anxious. Jane and her husband temporarily moved into her parents’ house while he was working on insulating the house from sound. She was unable to visit the house and even the thought of it made feel sick and tearful.

She felt stupid because of this and it really affected her confidence. This resulted in her anxiety spreading to other areas of her life. She felt jumpy all the time and felt she needed to improve her confidence in social situations, otherwise she was worried that her anxiety would stop her going back to work.

Her doctor had prescribed anti-depressants but they weren’t working. She contacted me at the point that her anxiety was through the roof and she was having regular panic attacks.

Jane’s Journey:

Session 1

When Jane turned up for the first session she was extremely nervous, visibly shaking and struggling to make eye contact. I spoke to her quietly and calmly, and ask to her spend a couple of minutes deep breathing and then taught her the first of few techniques to calm her down. After a couple of minutes she felt much calmer and we proceeded with the session. The session started with a guided visualisation to help her relax, and to start letting go of the things that were causing her anxiety, without directly touching on what those things may have been). After that we did a couple of different techniques to remove the emotional response to being in the house and visualise being the calm person she wanted to be. At the end of the session she felt a lot calmer and I assured her that the calmness she felt would become her normal state.

Midway between the first session and the next session I contacted her to see how she was getting on. There wasn’t much of a change and in fact her Dr had increased her anti-depressants. She was however using some of the techniques I taught her and they momentarily helped her feel more at ease. The following session she did appear a bit calmer and we did some more work on letting go of things.

Session 2

The second session involved some more guided visualisation aimed at helping her subconscious mind let go of the things causing her anxiety, and started have her visualise being in situations where she would have been anxious, but feeling calm, happy and in control.

A few days after I checked in again to see how she was doing. She was starting to notice she was feeling calmer and less panicky, she was even able to visit the house and stay calm for the first time. She noticed how lovely the house was.

Session 3

The third session was a continuation of the first two, but also involved work on increasing her confidence, and more visualising situations that previously caused her to feel panicky, but feeling calm and happy. this session also involved some metaphors about anxiety that would help her subconscious mind understand that the anxiety it was creating was unnecessary and not helping her.

Midway through the week I caught up with her again. This week there had been a massive change. She had spent the last couple of days at the house, on her own, and felt absolutely calm the whole time. She was now feeling really positive and looking forward to moving back in. At this point I would normally finish working with client, but she had a nagging doubt that her anxiety wasn’t fully gone, so we had a further session to change her beliefs around her anxiety.

Session 4

The last session we worked on changing her belief that the anxiety would come back, did some more visualising/practising things that she had felt anxious about and did some work on building her confidence in social and work situations. The session finished and Jane left a completely different person to the lady I had met a few weeks before.

I caught up her with her a couple of months after or last session to see how she was doing. She was really happy and settled in her new home, and had started work as a nurse again. She understood the things that might trigger anxiety and felt confident that, with the techniques that I had taught her, if she ever felt anxious in future it wouldn’t last and she it wouldn’t stop her from doing anything.


I hope you found this useful and it gives you an idea of what you can expect in your journey!

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