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  • Mark

Life in the Fast Lane!

Updated: Mar 12

I’ve been trialing an app on my phone this week called Blinklist.

Blinklist has a library of self help books (covering topics such as time management, psychology, personal growth and mental health), and presents the most important points from them in an easily digestible format, designed to be read in just 15 minutes. The ‘important’ bits are apparently determined by humans rather than computers, and so far I’ve been quite impressed.

However, although the app appears to be quite good, it does raise an important question: why is it necessary to reduce 400 page books down to a 15 minute read?

Is this is an indication of the speed at which we live our lives, do we really not have the time, or patience to sit and read a book from cover to cover?

One of the most common problems my clients have, regardless of the issue that has brought them to me in the first place, is that they simply don’t take enough time to do things they enjoy.

This can be for a variety of reasons – having to work long hours to make ends meet and juggling family responsibilities are the main ones but spending too time much on social media is right up there too. Social media is not a bad thing, but it is well known that too much ‘screen time’ is bad for us and can impair sleep and increase stress.

There is no doubt that depriving ourselves of valuable, enjoyable downtime has a negative impact on our mental health, so make the time, schedule it in for each day if you need to, and do things that you enjoy – get outside for a walk in the fresh air, play with the kids, read a book, listen to music, draw, whatever works for you…. you’ll feel better for it!