Why Choose Hypnotherapy

I’m often asked why people should choose hypnotherapy over other therapies such as counselling or CBT, so today’s post concentrates on why hypnotherapy is the best option!

It’s Fast

Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest methods for resolving anxiety, stress and depression available. On average counselling and CBT take between 6-15 sessions, while hypnotherapy takes between 4-6 sessions to resolve most issues.

There are no long waiting lists

We’ve all heard the horror stories about NHS waiting lists for counselling and CBT, in fact 50% of people have to wait over 3 months to get started, while 10% have to wait over a year. If you choose to work with me I can usually get you started within a couple of weeks.

It can be done online

As a talking therapy without physical contact, hypnotherapy lends itself really well to online sessions as there is no need to be face to face. In fact online hypnotherapy has some benefits;

If you find it difficult to leave the house, for instance if you have children to care for, have agoraphobia or a disability that makes it harder to get out, it means you can still benefit from hypnotherapy.

Some people find it much easier to relax in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home.

Because the overheads of online therapy are cheaper, most hypnotherapists can reduce the price of their online sessions.

For more information about online hypnotherapy click here

It’s about resolving issues, not coping strategies

The whole reason I trained to become a hypnotherapist was to help people make positive change so they can live the life they want. Using hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming I can help you achieve profound changes at a subconscious level – changes that will stick. By working in this way I can help you resolve your issues permanently, rather than just using coping strategies to manage them.

Every session is tailored to you

From the first session I can utilise the things you enjoy doing, the things that help you feel calm and use your specific circumstances and motivations so that you achieve your ideal outcome.

For instance if you want help losing weight, and your main motivation is that you’re worried about your health then I can tailor the sessions to focus on the health benefits of losing weight. Using your motivation in this way will help your subconscious mind come on board and work with your conscious mind to achieve that goal.

We focus on the future, not the past

Unlike counselling, the sessions won’t be spent raking up things from the past that have been locked away, instead we focus on what you want and, using your motivations, work towards achieving that goal. There may be things from your past that are causing mental blocks but there is no need to bring them all to the surface to process them, instead I use hypnosis and guided visualisation to help your subconscious mind let go of those things.

The results are long lasting

The investment you make in hypnotherapy is an investment in your future! Because hypnosis works at a subconscious level, changes to behaviour, thoughts and feelings are long lasting. letely and permanently.

It’s relaxing!

With other talking therapies the sessions are often emotional and exhausting. With hypnotherapy the subconscious mind is busy making changes, but the conscious mind and body can relax. In fact some clients return after their problems have been resolved just for the chance to wind down and relax!

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