Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to stop smoking, and that’s great, both for your health and your wallet! 

So now you’ve made that decision, why don’t you just stop? Stop buying the cigarettes and stop putting them in your mouth? The reality is that no matter how long you’ve been smoking for, quitting is one of the hardest things to do. 

Why Is It So Hard To Stop Smoking?

So why is quitting so hard? Well, nicotine is well known to be addictive but the reality is that nicotine leaves your body 3 days after stopping, so the physical addiction is gone. It boils down to two main things:

 Firstly the habit you have created is being continued by your subconscious mind because it thinks it is what you want. Of course the damage that smoking causes far outweighs any benefit you think you are getting from smoking, but although your conscious mind is well aware of this (otherwise you wouldn’t be here!), your subconscious mind isn’t. In order to convince your subconscious that smoking is harmful, your beliefs about smoking, and the habit itself have to change.

Secondly your belief system is holding on limiting beliefs about smoking, for instance that smoking relieves stress, it’ll be too hard to quit or that you are defined as a smoker. In order to stop easily and permanently these beliefs have to be changed.

Stop Smoking

How I Can Help You Stop Smoking

Replace the Habit

In order to break the habit of smoking two things have to happen, firstly the pattern has to be interrupted. For example if every time you got a craving, instead of reaching for a cigarette you did something else instead (like recite a poem or get up and walk around the room twice), you start the process of interrupting the pattern.  Secondly I work with your  subconscious mind and find out what positive thing it thinks the smoking is giving you, and get it to find some other way of giving you the same benefit but without the damaging effects of smoking.

Change Your Beliefs

Your subconscious holds on to beliefs such as ‘I am a smoker’ or ‘I can’t quit smoking, it’s too hard’ and treats them as hard and fast facts, so the first thing I do is to work on your belief system, Using hypnosis and NLP techniques I can change your belief system so that the beliefs you had that kept you smoking, such as ‘I am a smoker’ , ‘smoking relieves my stress’ and ‘I don’t have the willpower to stop’, you simply don’t believe to be true anymore. Once you stop believing these things, then stopping smoking suddenly becomes a lot simpler.

There are other parts of the process that will lead you to permanently quitting, but hopefully this has giving you an insight of what to expect!

Please note that you must be committed to stopping and want to quit for yourself. If you’re trying to stop because a loved one wants you to stop, then the chances are hypnotherapy will not work.

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