How would you like to stop smoking with virtually no effort?

When I say virtually no effort, I really mean it. All you need to do is sit in a comfortable chair for an hour each week while I talk to your subconscious mind. That’s it!

Smoking is a habit created by your subconscious mind. So by working with your subconscious mind, and helping it understand that the habit is no longer wanted, it can be removed.

Mark Cousens Hypnotherapist

“But I’ve been smoking for years, I’m addicted! How can you possibly cure me?”

The first thing to understand is you are NOT addicted to smoking, it’s just a habit.

Think about this, if you were truly addicted then your body would rely on nicotine, you wouldn’t be able sleep through the night without needing a hit.

Furthermore, if you were addicted then you would need to increase your dose of nicotine in order to satisfy your body’s need. But I’m willing to bet that you have not increased the amount you smoke, in fact if anything you have reduced it.

What’s really holding you back is your beliefs that you are addicted, and so stopping will be really hard.

How do I do this?

I have many techniques that I use to help you stop smoking, but the process can be broken down into

3 simple steps: 



Using hypnosis and NLP I help your subconscious let go of limiting beliefs. Things like ‘smoking helps me with stress’ or ‘I’m addicted’.

This helps remove any mental blocks you have that might get in the way of removing that old, unhealthy habit.



Using guided visualisations and metaphors I help you break any emotional connections you have to smoking.

This helps remove any cravings you might have, as well as stopping you from replacing cigarettes with unhealthy snacking.



I help your subconscious mind understand that while creating that habit originally served a purpose, it is no longer wanted.

I can then remove that old smoking habit and replace it with something more positive that gives the same benefit.

This is a tried and tested process that I have used to help many clients stop smoking, permanently.


Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to stop. But it has to be YOU that wants to stop.

If the only reason you’re trying to stop is because someone close to you is nagging you, it is unlikely to have a lasting effect.

Who am I and why you should choose me

I’m Mark Cousens. I’ve been practising hypnotherapy in Folkestone for the past 4 years, and have helped many people just like you to stop smoking.

I believe that the problem lies in your subconscious mind. After all, consciously you have made the decision to stop, that’s why you’re reading this.

But your subconscious mind is fighting against your conscious mind, because it believes that the smoking habit is serving a purpose. It’s giving you something that you need.

When you started that habit, it did serve a purpose. That might have been to feel grown up, to feel part of a group, or just because you felt cool with a cigarette.

Now you don’t want that smoking habit, but you’re subconscious mind is still hanging on to that old purpose.

So by working with your subconscious mind I can help it understand that it needs to stop fighting your conscious mind and let go of that old, unwanted, unhealthy habit.

OK I’m ready to stop! What’s the next step?

If this sounds good, and you’re ready to let go of your anxiety, all you need to do is call/message me on

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